Yorkshire Psychology Care Services (YPCS)
Provided by Sanjeevani Associates Limited | Skype Id: shripati_upadhyaya

Teletherapy & Home visits

Video / Phone Consultation

We provide video consultations over Skype and consultations over the phone. Please contact us to arrange for the same in advance.

Note: Payments for Skype / Phone consultation sessions will have to be completed before the session.

Skype Id: shripati_upadhyaya

Home Visits

We provide home visits in the West Yorkshire region. Please contact us to arrange for visits

About Us

Our mission is to provide best quality multi-disciplinary assessment and support for people needing psychological care. This includes speech & language and occupational therapy.

YPCS provides multidisciplinary service under the aegis of Sanjeevani Associates Limited (Company registered in England and Wales). It provides a specialist independent clinical psychology, speech and language and occupational therapy services. YPCS follows National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Guidance (NICE, UK) in delivering its services. Our professional team are qualified and experienced in working with children, adolescents and adults in specialist areas such as developmental disorders, challenging behaviour and complex disabilities.

Dr Shripati Upadhyaya is the Director of the company. He is registered with British Pyschological Society (BPS) and Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC), and is trained in ADOS and Mindfulness. Contact us for his detailed CV.